December 17, 2014
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 1Sadaharu Oh   
 2Cleveland Baseball Teams in the Black Major Leagues, 1922-1940 Clark, Dick, et al;  
 3Buckeye Base Ball Club of Cincinnati, Ohio  1861 
 4Ohio: Dear Spirit  1866 
 5Ohio: Dear Spirit  1866 
 6Base-Ball in Dayton, O.  1866 
 7Ohio  1866 
 8Tournament at Norwalk, Ohio  1867 
 9The Norwalk Tournament  1867 
 10The Norwalk Tournament  1867 
 11Tournament at Norwalk, Ohio  1867 
 12At Toledo, O.  1867 
 13At Toledo, O.  1867 
 14At Toledo  1867 
 15At Toledo  1867 
 16Eagle Engine Co. No. 1 (of Hyde Park) vs. O.H. Booth Hose Co. No. 2 (of Poughkeepsie)  1867 
 17At Mansfield, Ohio  1867 
 18The Grand Tour of the National Club - Their Victories in the West  1867 
 19In Toledo  1868 
 20Elections For 1868  1868 
 21News in Brief  1868 
 22Tour of the Atlantics  1868 
 23  1869 
 24"Excelsior" - a New Professional Club  1869 
 25Tour of the Haymakers  1869 
 26Miscellany  1869 
 27Olympic vs. Live Oak  1871 
 28Atlantic vs. Dayton  1874 
 29The Star Base-Ball Club  1879 
 30  1883 
 31  1884 
 32No More Sunday Games  1884 
 33A Ball Game Interrupted; Players Arrested in Columbus for Violating the Sunday Law  1884 
 34The Sunday Base-Ball War; The Columbus Managers Arrested - Proposed Retaliatory Action  1884 
 35Sunday Ball Players Held  1884 
 36No More Sunday Ball Games  1884 
 37Sunday Base-Ball  1884 
 38Arrested for Sunday Playing  1885 
 39Local Ball Games  1907 
 40Baseball in Cincinnati Ellard, Harry; 1907 
 41Baseball at Night Under Powerful Electric Lights  1909 
 42Steel Contracts Placed. Structural Contracts Aggregating Many Thousand Tons Awarded to Pittsburgh Companies  1909 
 43 Goewey, Ed. A.; 1911 
 44Cleveland's Great Work in Amateur Baseball; a Far-Reaching Educational Campaign in Which the National Game Is the Leading Feature Lodwick, John H.; 1911 
 45The Great American Fan - a National Institution Phelon, William A.; 1911 
 46A Minor League Club in a Major League City Evans, Billy; 1914 
 47Oh, You Robber! An Umpire's Love Story Beatty, Jerome; Illustrations by Arthur William Brown; 1916 
 48Oh Fudge! (It Is States That One of the Gentlemen Who Recently Bought His Way Into Organized Baseball Wears a Wrist Watch) Goewey, Ed A.; 1916 
 49Professional vs. Amateur Baseball Greene, Clarence B.; 1918 
 50To Form Baseball Team  1919 
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