About The Baseball Index

There are over a quarter of a million entries in The Baseball Index. That’s a very powerful database for research, but it remains far short of what it could be.

All of the entries have been created by volunteers and to reach our goal, we constantly need more of them. There are many publications which have not been fully indexed, many internet resources which need to be discovered and included. New baseball books come out every year. We can tailor a project to your needs and interests, whether it’s a player, a team, an era. Perhaps you subscribe to a publication where we need work (and maybe you even kept some back issues). There are many possibilities and we have forms and documents you can work with.

If interested, please contact Andy McCue at mccue@sabr.org.

Our History

The Baseball Index (TBI) is a free catalog to baseball literature. It encompasses books, magazine articles, programs, pamphlets, films, recordings, songs, poems, cartoons, advertising, or anything else that may be of interest to the baseball fan or researcher. It is an ongoing project of the Society for American Baseball Research to catalog the entirety of baseball literature, from the earliest references to the present day. TBI is the creation of volunteers. Their hours of work and financial contributions have made your TBI research possible.

Started in 1990, The Baseball Index project is the product of dozens of volunteers who have indexed more than 250,000 baseball items to facilitate baseball research. The Baseball Index is part of SABR's commitment to advance and support baseball research.

The Baseball Index would not be possible without all of the volunteers who made this project a reality. Ted Hathaway convinced SABR's Bibliography Committee that such a project was possible in 1990, and Andy McCue began working with Ted on it then. At various times, Tim Cashion and Terry Sloope served as co-directors. The volunteers who have made major contributions in cataloguing books and articles include Brad Sullivan, Bernie Esser, Steve Milman, Joe Murphy, Tim Cashion, Terry Sloope, Joe Wancho, Bill Lamb, Terry Smith, Bob Boynton, John McMurray, Tom Mueller, Bob Timmermann, Ray Lisi, Skip McAfee, David Marasco, Ron Replogle, Steve Roney, and Ron Kaplan.

The following volunteers made the monetary contributions that allowed us to place this work on the Internet. We'd like to acknowledge Bernie Esser, Fred and Alma Ivor-Campbell, Skip McAfee, Steve Milman, Dick Miller, Claudia Perry, Andy McCue and Terry Sloope for their contributions to this project.

If you’re interested in making a monetary contribution, or dedicating you normal SABR donation to this project, please contact Andy McCue at mccue@sabr.org.